December 16, 2016

Ashland council conspires to kick sheepman out of Ashland!?

On November 17th, The Ashland City Councelers changed our community’s “Keeping of Animals” laws to make clear that driving, riding or leading livestock in any street, public right-of-way, or city park is deemed to be a public nuisance except under the terms of a valid special use permit issued by the City Administrator.

In their meeting they slip up, use my name and admit that they are changing the laws specifically to target me and my innocent little sheeper pets!(watch it here at 1:57:27)   In their reports, the Ashland City Clowncil accuses my 2 pet dairy sheep and I of being a nuisance, that my sheep are unsanitary and that they cause property damage?!   We have always had “poop cups” on our mini goats/dairy sheep to catch their compost-ready little poop pellets!  We make people happy when they get to see these harmless animals peacefully grazing on the weeds.  Yard owners plead and pay me to bring the sheep to graze their yards!  We have dozens of yards now in Ashland that we have been providing free lawn maintanance to for over 2 years!  Citizens also tell me how much nicer it is to have a break from hearing the loud and obnoxious  lawnmowers/leafblowers!  I also constantly hear tourists happily saying “only in Ashland” when they see my sheep grazing, which has been proven to create something called “eco-tourism” in many other communities..they could actually make money off our existence instead of trying to get rid of us?

Here is the video of their city councel meeting, watch it for yourself and see how exclusionary our spiritual community has become so you can do something to prevent further corruption in the future! Click here to watch! (They start talking about changing it at 1:47:50, then they slip up and admit that they are changing the law to specifically target me at 1:57:27 !)