“Homefree” means getting past all the problems of being homeless/nomadic by learning to live 100% sustainably.  123homefree is the name of my YouTube channel where I began documenting my journey becoming more homefree, while I worked to develop activist projects and inventions that empower others’ sustainability and freeDIYm.


Facetofacelook is a truly decentralized social networking platform!  Wear your profile info on your shirt using a washable marker or on your car door, tailgate or side of your van via dry erase sticker!  Facetofacelook meetups further help people connect by providing participants with cardboard signs to write individual conversation topics of interest on and lay out on the grass for forming real life group chats around!  These shirts also can be handed out or sold to participants of any meeting, event or festival to help stimulate a higher level of engagement!

You can order facetofacelook stickers or shirts from my local graphic designer who helped me make it at 541-858-2701.  You can also contact them for the pdf file if you’d like a high resolution image of it to print and sell your own shirts through your website! 


My Credit-card sized survival guide fits in your wallet so you’ll “never leave home without it”!  Click here  to view and forward the PDF to your local printshop if you need double-sided printing help.img_0048


Wikicurrency Booklets are an information-based complimentary-currency that anyone can use to create value by filling in their own useful knowledge, especially helpful after SHTF and regular currency has collapsed!  You can download my most common wild edible plants version here!

Wikicurrency Bills are a simple, local alternative-currency idea for after SHTF that will help facilitate the trading of valuable info, goods and services in your community especially if used in conjunction with a community exchange board.img_0095



Everything that has value in this world can be divided into one of three categories; goods, services or information.  Information is already the most valuable thing in the world and DIY, sustainability and survival knowledge will only become more and more valuable as economies decline.  So trading this information-based alternative currency is a way for everyone in a community to “cross-train” eachother to the point where everyone knows how to make, bake, grow or sew everything it is that they need!  Additionally, these exchange boards can be easily set up in a monitored environment(inside printshops work well) to help facilitate the trading of goods and services in the form of a simple IOU!  
Print the Wikicurrency Gift Exchange board, blank dollars here, survival related info dollars here,  1st wild edible plant dollars here,  2nd wild edible plant dollars here, inspirational quote dollars here and then the Gift Exchange Board here to be able to put them up in your local printshop or coffeeshop and get your community familiarized with using them before the shtf!

img_0096Sleep Slip Dollars are another “denomination” of Wikicurrency that empower community members to start solving homelessness themselves!  These Sleep Slips give regular citizens the opportunity to proactively solve homelessness by gifting permission for a homeless person to simply “be” in their porch, backyard, garage or even behind your business during your non-operating hours.(providing you with free security and the homeless with a “night-watchmen” job!)  These Sleep Slips also have a space for the Host to specify the times and dates that the individual is allowed to be there, so there’s no confusion!  If the homeless guest meets the host’s expectations of behavior then the offer may be extended, or the offer may be made “null and void” at the host’s discretion as the Sleep Slips clearly state.  People can print them out and give them to a homeless individual to help them where they need it most, a good night’s sleep/recharge!  Some people think that giving money to homeless will be spent on alcohol or drugs, so this is a perfect solution for those people!  Homeless individuals can also print these and hand them out to the people that stop to talk with them. If the homeless individual doesn’t put any pressure on the person, but simply asks them to consider talking it over with their spouse, roommates or landlord then we have found it to increase our return rates!  Print Sleep Slips out here and share this very simple homelessness solution through your social network today!

Community Work-Trade Housing is a homeless solution that I tried to create in Ashland, Oregon for several years. Unfortunately for us all, it was continually contended against by the local officials and their “homeless advocate” friends who sought to make a job out of just feeding the homeless, increasing the longterm problem in order to continue their power-positions and paychecks.  Humans not only need housing, we need to feel that we have purpose.  Both problems can be remedied by introducing a community-worktrade for housing program!  The housing needs to be a legitimate house in order to provide enough incentive for the homeless to want to worktrade each day to stay there.  Tiny homes have already become free for the homeless in many cities so they can no longer be expected to have the motivation to worktrade in exchange for living in a tinyhome.  Furthermore, if the homeless are to be actually reintegrated back into regular society they have to be given the same kind of shelter as everybody else in society since typical bigbox shelters, encampments and even tiny-home villages are not examples of integrating the homeless they are actually segregating!  My local worktrade program proposed that homeless participants simply do one hour a day of their choice in community service either for the community at large or for an individual in the community.  The daily deeds were to be shared at evening house meetings to ensure they contributed to the community for the day. This kind of a wholistic homeless program then allows for participants to upload before and after pics of their daily deeds along with descriptive tagwords to their “portfolio” profile on a locally advertised website where other community members can keyword search for homeless helpers to hire at much more affordable rates!  This will build up their work references, self-confidence and sense of purpose day to day!  

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It took 5 years for me to map out the fruit/nut trees and wild edible plants around Ashland, Oregon. They’re all on public land or right next to the sidewalk so you can harvest off the ground without leaving the sidewalk. I got this map scanned and formatted to fit 4 pages per sheet so its much more affordable and efficient for you to print in bulk. Prontoprint is selling them now for $9 each(no markup). Anybody who is interested has my permission to print them out and sell them or give them to the homeless to sell, plus it would help feed them in a sustainable way “give a man a dish(of food) you feed him for a day, teach a man to forage you feed him for a lifetime!” download my map for free here!