Hello my name is Aaron, I’ve been an eco-activist for 10+ years which lead me to traveling with goats and dairy sheep 24-7-365 for more than 7 years now. Urban guerrilla-grazing sidewalk edges, vacant lots and the yards we have permission to graze is the most sustainable and efficient way I’ve found to produce the most calories/nutrition for my own diet. Just a 1/2 half gallon of sheep milk or a gallon of goat milk provide a humans 2500 daily need of calories! My current ram’s name is Woolly, the momma ewe’s name is JC and her lamb’s name is Happy!

I worktrade for garden food and/or yards to park in overnight.  Please feel free to stop us and discuss possibly working together or get ahold of me at 541-778-7723!  Im building a larger network of yard hosts to worktrade for around the Rogue Valley that we can more sustainably travel around to in the future.  I most enjoy worktrading in livestock management by shepherding, trimming hooves, shearing, holistically treating ailments, drenching, deworming, birthing assistance, milking, making cheese and butter!  A dream job of mine is to manage a sheepfold for a dairy farm. My sheep last tested negative for all the major livestock diseases in April 2020.

I also have some skill-shares to barter for food and yarding including wool felting, wool spinning, cheesemaking, survival, bushcraft, etc.

You may also be interested in adopting us for a few days to make use of our free dairy ram breeding service. My Woolly ram has good dairysheep genetics.

I can also help you with website developement and maintainance!

Ways you can help us;

* Offer to let my sheep graze your front yard!

* Invite my sheeps and I to sleep in your yard for the night and I’m more than happy to do worktrade in exchange!

* Donate some of your garden/farm’s organic food!

* Make a donation to support my monthly prepaid phonecards, website fees, occasional phone breaks/replacements and any extra will go towards my new activist projects.  Paypal.me/HomelessShepherds

* Support my activism while seeing some of our behind the scenes footage by becoming my Patron here Become a Patron!
Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions, suggestions, comments or collaborations 541-778-7723 or [email protected]

How this all started for me..

My name is Aaron and I’ve been a voluntarily “homeless” activist to better focus my mind on World solutions since 2006 and ive been homeless while living with miniature goats and dairy sheep since 2014.  I was part of a small group that met to help rewrite Ashland, Oregon’s “Urban Livestocking Laws” which allowed citizens with regular-sized backyards to have 2 miniature dairy goats among many other animals.  Once miniature dairy goats were made legal i began promoting it to everybody to get some food sustainability in-town.  After 6 months of promotion nobody had even talked about making any moves to get themselves some little dairy goats so i printed flyers for an “Ashland Goat Share”

and handed them out until i got a couple of yards interested in trying it out for a one-month trial. Then i put together the money i had been saving from telling “jokes and inspirational quotes for a quarter” on the street and used it to buy the first 2 little dairy goats off Craigslist for $150 each. Well, long story short almost all the yards backed out before their one month commitment so that i was walking the goats around more and more in a 24-7 homeless fashion and eventually i gaveup hope with the goat-share program and i set up camp outside town with my animals. Then i was worktrading on a dairy-sheep farm and ultimately decided to switch to dairy sheep because;

-dairy sheep grow faster than meat goats do!

-their milk is almost twice as nutritious with 4x the B12

-their milk is almost twice as sweet as goat!

-their lanolin is converted by UV light into vitamin D3 and added to store milk!

-their lanolin is a natural moisturizing, antimicrobial oil!

-they are much easier keepers on fencing than goats!

-they are quieter!

-they mow the lawn better than goats.

-they have another byproduct called wool.

-they have another byproduct called lanolin.

So I went to work on the sheep farm for a couple of months when all of a sudden a friend informed me that the Ashland City Councelors had passed a new law targeting me by making it illegal to “walk livestock through town”!?

City councel clip proof here https://youtu.be/NaGplTiTSYY

I promote dairy pets as the most efficient and sustainable way to supply people with their own food, clothing and cosmetic needs(lanolin). Sheep milk/cheese is so nutritionally complete that a half gallon of sheep milk provides more than 100% of your daily calorie needs!

“You can toil soil and wait longer to reap, or you can turn what’s already there into milk with a sheep!” 

“You can buy a dog and a mower and have to feed them both their fuel, or you can just get a goat that mows and it’s milk will feed you!”  -me

You can simply get a couple dairy sheep or goats to help you and your community’s local food security most efficiently!  If you don’t have space to keep your own, you can still get a couple to put in a friend or neighbor’s yard and then you both can share the wool, meat, milk, butter, cheese and milking shifts like i did for a minute with complete strangers through my goat-share program.  You could even make money off loaning your sheep/goats out to neighbors as lawn mowers and blackberry bush eaters!  Craigslist is the best place to find yourselves some little producer pet goats around you.

Here’s a link to a dairy sheep farm database for you to find a dairy sheep breeder near you because they dont usually advertise on CL and tend to be a little more expensive.

Being a “homefree” person is the opposite of being homeless..while it’s also the opposite of being housed, it’s like the third-side of a coin.  “There have always been the haves and the have nots”(possessions) but homefree means being a “have-not-want”.