123homefree is my vision for humanity getting past it’s unsustainability problem(globalization).

1.  We must not let governments carbon-tax regular people but instead they must make the most polluting corporations and entities pay carbon taxes and NOT to “carbon credit-issuing organizations”(their friends) who just promise to do things that equalize corporate carbon footprints, but instead rightfully the corporations should be paying their carbon taxes to the most eco-living individuals in their community that actually help to equalize their corporate footprint by the eco-way the individual has been seen and proven to live.  If governments did this people would be literally incentivized to begin leaving the unsustainable civilization centers to live more simple lives worktrading on small farms for food and yarding/parking while receiving a monthly carbon-check from their local corporation.  The combination of taxing the corporations while incentivizing non-consumerist living would begin a slow process of putting corporations out of business/existence!  Unfortunately the governments and their corporate friends don’t want this they want more power for themselves and less power for the people, thats why they and their propaganda have been pushing for carbon taxes for everyone when we know they and their friends will just make loopholes for themselves like they already do with regular taxes.

2.)  Once people have unclustered themselves to live on local farms they will begin “rewilding” themselves and relearning to make, bake, sew and grow everything it is they need to thrive once again.

3.)  People relearning to sustainably adapt and travel around farm hoops as nomads again by way of foot, bicycle, cart or any other low-tech, locally maintainable means.

Homefree people are nomadic farmhands, shepherds, guerrilla gardeners, etc who live lightly on the Earth, give back more energy than they take and they sequester more carbon into the soil than they release into the atmosphere.

My name is Aaron, I travel by foot with my packram and dairy sheep worktrading for food and sometimes yarding(we sleep outside).  I’m always looking to supplement my diet and sleeping security by working for more people, call me if you need a hand 5417048502!  Im trying to build a network of yard hosts around the southern oregon area where my sheep and I can crash for the night and then helpout in the morning before moving along.  I most enjoy worktrading in livestock management by shepherding, trimming hooves, shearing, holistically treating ailments, birthing assistance, milking, making cheese and cooking field to fork style for your family!  I would most ideally like to manage a sheepfold for a farm, a sheepfold is the most efficient way to milk as many sheep as possible with the least number of workers.  For my work compensation i most enjoy receiving raw milk, eggs, pasture-raised meat, potatoes and any kind of whole grain(i travel with a hand-grinder and solar oven).

I also have some skill-shares i can barter for food and yarding like wool felting workshops, wool spinning, cheesemaking, survival, bushcraft, etc)

You may also want to adopt us for a few days to make use of our free dairy ram sheep breeding service because my Woolly ram’s dairysheep genetics come from Karras Farms in North Carolina.

Please let me know if you have any questions or work leads, thank you and blessings to us all..

Ways you can help me;

* Help supplement my dairy diet with some food(i don’t use foodstamps) i really like raisins, oatmeal, rice, eggs, honey, produce, herbs, meats, ferments, i am grateful to receive anything without high-fructose corn syrup really. 

* Invite my sheeps and i to sleep in your yard for the night if you live on the route you see us walking.

* Make a donation to support my monthly prepaid phonecard, website fees, occasional phone breaks/replacements and any other connection costs.  Paypal.me/HomelessShepherds

* Support my activism while seeing some of our behind the scenes footage by becoming my Patron here Become a Patron!

Contact me with any questions, suggestions, comments or collaborations 541-704-8502 or Spreadthelove777@yahoo.com

A solvable problem http://www.mailtribune.com/article/20110218/NEWS/102180327https://



How this all started..

My name is Aaron and I’ve been a voluntarily “homeless” activist to better focus my mind on World solutions since 2006 and homeless while living with miniature goats and dairy sheep since 2014 i was part of a small group that met to help rewrite Ashland, Oregon’s “Urban Livestocking Laws” which allowed citizens with regular-sized backyards to have 2 miniature dairy goats among many other animals.  Once miniature dairy goats were made legal i began promoting it to everybody to get some food sustainability in-town.  After 6 months of promotion nobody had talked about making any moves to get themselves some goats so i printed flyers for an “Ashland Goat Share”..

..and handed them out until i got a couple of yards interested in trying it out for a one month trial. Then put together the money i had been saving from telling “jokes and inspirational quotes for a quarter” on the street and used it to buy my first 2 little dairy goats off Craigslist for $150 each. Well long story short almost all the yards backed out before their one month commitment so that i was walking my goats around more and more in a 24-7 homeless fashion and eventually had to quit hopes of the share and set up camp with my animals. Then i was invited to worktrade on a sheep farm and started becoming more interested in dairy sheep than dairy goats because;

-dairy sheep grow faster than meat goats do!

-their milk is almost twice as nutritious with 4x the B12

-their milk is almost twice as sweet as goat!

-their lanolin is converted by UV light into vitamin D3 and added to store milk!

-their lanolin is a natural moisturizing, antimicrobial oil!

-they are much easier keepers on fencing than goats!

-they are quieter!

-they mow the lawn better than goats.

-they have another byproduct called wool.

So I held this “homelessstead” camp outside Ashland for a couple of months, then went to work on the sheep farm for a couple of months when all of a sudden a friend informed me that the Ashland City Councelors had just passed a new law targeting us making it illegal to “walk livestock through town”!?

City councel video proof here https://youtu.be/NaGplTiTSYY

So since the Ashland city councel kicked my 2 little sheep-with-poopcups out of town now my dairy sheep and i just travel around by foot to new small farms work-trading to sleep on their land. I promote pet dairy sheep as the most efficient and sustainable way to supply people with their own food, clothing and cosmetic needs(lanolin). Sheep milk/cheese is so nutritionally complete that an adult human being can actually live off of a half gallon of sheep milk with a couple handfuls of wild edible plants, a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts a day!

“You can toil soil and wait longer to reap, or you can turn what’s already there into milk with a sheep!” 

“You can buy a dog and a mower and have to feed them both their fuel, or you can just get a goat that mows and it’s milk will feed you!”  -me

Get a couple dairy sheep or goats to help you andyour community’slocal food security!  If you don’t have space to keep your own, you can still get a couple to put in a friend or neighbor’s yard and then you both can share the wool, meat, milk, buttercheese and milking shifts. You could even make money off loaning sheep/goats out to your neighbors as lawn mowers! Craigslist is the best place to find yourselves some little producer pet goats around you. Here’s a link to a dairy sheep farm database for you to find a dairy sheep breeder near you because they dont usually advertise on CL.

Being a “homefree” person is the opposite of being homeless, while it’s also the opposite of being housed, it’s like the third-side of a coin.  “There have always been the haves and the have nots” of possessions but homefree is actually being a “have-not-want” of any possessions that others don’t have equal access to.

Never before have Humans had such access to primitive self-sufficiency knowledge from so many different cultures while at the same time there has never been more access to free industrially over-produced materials and self-servicable tools.  Many of these materials and tools have more superior characteristics for sustained use than the higher-tech and also the primitive materials once used.  Possession of only these upcycled materials and self-servicable tools that are equally accessible to everybody is the actual basis for equality and will solve most of the problems in the World once it becomes the popular trend.  Government-controlled techno-socialism will never solve the World’s problems because it is inherantly unequal by it’s hierachal structure, social credit score systems and continued use of specialty items that not everyone has equal access to aquiring which perpetuates class division.