August 03, 2018

So Local Food

Hah! I turned on my phone the other day to find it had completely erased 2 apps from its homescreen; facebook and imovie!? Ive been using imovie to edit my youtube video blogs with. My phone signal here in Grants Pass isnt good enough to redownload those apps, so i remembered i could share something of our story today through the more independent platform that i should have been sharing on all along anyways!?

So my dairy sheep Dottie and i walked out of the forestfire-smoky Rogue Valley towards the coast with clear air to breath. We were also going out to explore the Pacific Coast Trail to see how much better it was than the Pacific Crest Trail? We walked into Whistling Duck Farmstand and Pennington Farms Barn Bakery along our way through Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley. I was so impressed with the quality and freshness of these foods that i instantly wanted to abandon our coastal vacation for a local foods tour! The next morning i got the idea that i should make a map of all the farmstands and local-ingredient eatery’s around our Southern Oregon area like they make maps of the wineries and the fanciest restaurants. Then the next day, upon visiting Pennington Farms Barn Bakery the cashier Mia, suggested we add the regions farmers markets schedules to the map! My dairy sheep and i caught a ride from the end of the Applegate in Murphy up to Grants Pass, effectively departing our previous route towards the coast. We’re walking towards Fort Vannoy Farmstand in NW side of Grants Pass 5791 Lower River Road right now to document this renown farmstand that is not documented on the only existing internet list of farmstands. I think im gonna also add southern oregon woofing farms to this map so people can stop $laving for the artificial economic system and start circulating themselves around to their community farms to do less work thats more rewarding and use the lesser amounts of money earned from this unprofession to invest/indulge in all the local farmstand eateries, along their way to work for the next farm. My map will also detail the fruit/nut trees, wild edible plant patches, spring water outlets, swimming holes, parking spots and camping spots in Southern Oregon. Will add pics later when phone signal comes back up.