December 16, 2016

I missed court..warrant?

October 07, 2015(original post date)

First i woke up(6am) and remembered that i had forgotten yesterday to go to Comak’s first potluck since he’s been back!  I woke up feeling so horrible because i kniw first-hand how shitty it feels to try and help your community and to have them not respect or partake in it.  I was soo happy when Comak said that he was gonna give his potlucks another go to see if people still wanted them..then i forgot to go and show some basic support!?  God i hope some other people webt so that Comak is encouraged to continue these much needed community potlucks in the park.  They arent as much needed for feeding as much as they serve as a meeting point in the week for people who otherwise have a difficult time connecting because they dont have a home or phone.  Then after i was able to control my nausea from forgetting to support one of Ashland’s only true activists, i remembered that i forgot court this morning!?  I called the courthouse and they said my “leaving animals unnattended” ticket for tying my sheep up while i ran into Webster’s was not an actual crime so it wouldnt result in a warrant but that it would be sent to a collections agency.  I asked if the other “leaving animals unattended” ticket (that Carpenter also gave me for having my sheep lay down 6 feet to my right in order to protect them from the dog that was with the person i was talking to who was sitting on the bench to my left) would go to collections if i missed the second court date and she said yes because it was simply a violation and not misdemeanor crime.  So i don’t see any point in waiting around town for a bogus court date when the result would be the same; a fine that i am literally unable to pay, it is sent to collections and then officer Carpenter gets his wish of banning me from the whole downtown area for 6 months under the already questionable “Ashland exclusionary zone”?  So i’m gonna leave town, at least for awhile because Ashland seems to have become less and less supportive of the projects and efforts.  As a result i have become less and less patient with the other people who live here, which is creating a downward spiral of respect for both of us.  The room is about to be fire(the economy when the shit hits the fan) and i’ve been trying to preemptively hand out fire extinguishers(solutions to the problems) to the people in town and they have just laughed at my offers, then they tried to ignore them and now they have been fighting against them.  Well i don’t want to keep pushing these solutions because i don’t want to “win” as Gandhi put it, because i just want to help, but if Ashland doesnt want or think that they need any help, then so be it?  I’m headed north in the next few days to find a community that is actually supportive of sustainability-mindedness and to help them to preemtively transition to reduce their suffering when the SHTF.  Blessings Ashland.