December 05, 2016

Police try to bully us out of town..

From July 23, 2015(i have had to repost blogs after the website was hacked)
Officer Carpenter has been harrassing my pet dairy sheep and I with bogus tickets for supposedly breaking one of the the “Keeping of Animals” ordinances but the crazy thing is he refused to tell me which specific rule it is that ive broken under the “Keeping of Animals” ordinances!?  Those ordinances are actually a set of rules for governing how people can use their backyards for keeping urban livestock.  The “Keeping of Animals” ordinance does not say anything about walking horses and other livestock in town which has always been legal here in Ashland.  So I was shocked, not as much so when the Judge said she found me guilty on the first ticket, but when i questioned her as to which specific rule it was that i had broken she responded with “we’re through here..” as she quickly signed my paperwork and proceeded to leave the courtroom as i continued to ask her and she continued to ignore me!?  Since then, officer Carpenter has told all of his new cadet trainees that if they see me in any one location for more than an hour to tell me to move along or give me another bogus “Keeping of Animals” tickets!  Since then I have been harrassed while in-town for simply trying to take rest under trees during the heat of day!  Then, the next day, i simply stopped for a few minutes to talk with a friend on the sidewalk when officer Carpenter came up and just gave me another ticket, this time without warning and again without being able to explain the law that was broken!  He also happily informed me that when found guilty that i’ll be banned from downtown for 6 months under Ashlands new “Exclusionary Zone” policy where they ban people from the entire downtown area for 6 months if they get 3 tickets around there within 6 months.  My next court date is August 18th at 9am if anybody wants to help give me some support..till then i am literally being bullied out of town by an unprofessional police man named Matthew Carpenter and Miss “judge” Turner who herself has been sticking me with her biased verdicts every since i refused to stand/salute/pledge to her before court one day years back because i told her that it was against my religious beliefs to treat people unequally.  When I pleaded with her that I meant no disrespect but that i respected everyone equally she threw me out for “contempt of court”!  Ahh, the good ol’ justice shitstem..