January 17, 2017

“Porches for the Poor” Project

February 13, 2016(original post date)I was just blessed with some more Sleep Slip Dollars that i have been able to hand out to the Ashland homeless so they can get them signed for a legal place to sleep for the night!  I’ve also been giving them to home/business dwellers in hopes that some will return them to me signed with a legal place to sleep for the night?! Last time i was in town i had 3 different spots that i was allowed to sleep, but i have had dozens of spots over the years through these simple Sleep Slips. This time in town it didnt take long for the first person, Christopher Briscoe to hand me back one, simply allowing me to “be” on the front porch of his downtown business between 9pm and 8am through the entire month of February! Everyone can now personally address the homeless problem themselves and become as proactive and as virtuous a citizen as Chris!  Click here to watch video footage of my first night “being” on his front porch.  Print out these Sleep Slip Dollars here and email the pdf to everybody you know who may have the selflessness to help solve homelessness!